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Maple Shade Barn

The Story of Maple Shade Barn

NYCHAPS has been actively renovating the century-old Maple Shade Barn into its headquarters since the organization was first given the barn in 1992 by John and Mary Rearick. Vast renovations have allowed the barn to house NYCHAPS meetings and events, as well as its collection of artifacts and documents.  In 1998, work was completed on the ground floor which serves as the NYCHAPS meeting-place and accommodates kitchen facilities. The ground floor is used extensively by the society and other groups for meetings, and is rented by community members for a variety of social functions. In 1999, the second floor of Maple Shade Barn was renovated to house the local Archives and Collections, designed specifically to give NYCHAPS more space for its collections.  Meanwhile, the smaller accessions room has been converted into a museum room.  This area provides a suitable, climate-controlled atmosphere for the growing historical and community-related collections.

In the spring of 2011, NYCHAPS began its newest phase of work, an expansion that provides a climate-controlled Research Room, which houses a library including genealogical materials, as well as giving shelter to large archeological and collection items. Because we are not able to allow open research in the archives, we are pleased to offer access to our collection of historical documents through the NYCHAPS Archival Research Service.

The final phase of the Maple Shade Barn will be a new 2,000 square-foot museum where NYCHAPS can tell the complete story of Northern York County. Included in this area will be space for permanent exhibits, rotating exhibits, and two alcoves that can easily be converted into period rooms. Once this phase is finished, NYCHAPS will have completed its master plan for the Maple Shade Barn.

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Reserve The Maple Shade Barn

The Maple Shade Barn in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful award-winning barn on a corner lot available as a venue for weddings, bridal and baby showers, family reunions, and more. Rentals include a spacious dining room with tables and chairs, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. The interior of the barn has a classic rustic feel with all modern amenities for your convenience. Book this venue.