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Dill’s Tavern

The Story of Dill’s Tavern & Plantation

The story of the Tavern — and of Dillsburg — began in 1742, over thirty years before the founding of our nation. That’s when Matthew Dill and his young family, of Monaghan County, Ireland, received a land grant of 504 acres and set about establishing a wilderness settlement. By 1750, Dill’s Gap, as it came to be known, boasted a log tavern and the beginnings of our community.

Dill’s Tavern and Plantation has come to tell not only the history of Dillsburg, but also the story of life on Pennsylvania’s frontier and is a slice of our nation’s history.

In 1794, John Dill, grandson of Matthew, built the stone structure that still stands today as the core of Dill’s Tavern and Plantation. Additions were added by subsequent owners to make the building pictured here, the largest of which was made in 1800 when Maryland farmer and tavern owner Leonard Eichelberger bought the property from Dill. The Eichelberger family doubled the size of the structure, making the tavern double as their residence.  Under Leonard’s direction, the distillery, wagon-making, and wheelwright businesses flourished.  In 2002, NYCHAPS acquired the 200 year-old Dill’s Tavern through the generosity of Charles and Lucille Vogelsong. The restoration of this historical treasure has been a challenge and a labor of love.

Today, the many buildings of Dill’s Tavern and Plantation have come to tell not only the history of Dillsburg, but also the story of life on Pennsylvania’s frontier and is a slice of our nation’s history. Through our continuing archeological investigations and restoration projects, Dill’s Tavern and Plantation continues to grow both in size and as a resource for the history of Dillsburg and the study of 18th and 19th century American life.

Dill’s Tavern and its beautiful historic plantation are available for rental. Book this venue.