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Newsletter: November 2016

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I want to include a few thoughts in this newsletter as I have seen this organization develop over all these years.

My first thought is on volunteers. Our organization needs volunteers — our events are gaining more attention, and we need more help. Our traditional cadre of volunteers is aging and otherwise being slowed down by various maladies. We need young, healthy, and motivated volunteers.

Over the past year, NYCHAPS has seen many new successful events, Tavern dinners, festivals, and classes; but Publick Tyme, WWII Day, Ag Day, Farmer’s Fair, and the rest of our events can’t be made possible without the generous helping hands of our volunteers. If you can volunteer, please do so!

Having said that, let me further say that this year has seen many successes. We have expanded our reach to an ever-widening audience that comes to events and gets involved in our programs more than ever before. Both the Maple Shade Barn and Dill’s Tavern had more rentals this year than any other year in our organization’s existence as more people have come to see the spectacular accommodations our venues offer.

I wish to thank everyone who has made 2016 a great year for NYCHAPS. With all who can lend a hand, 2017 can be better than ever.

View the entire November-December 2016 Newsletter

NYCHAPS President Larry Klase